Dyson has developed a ventilator

Dyson has developed a medical ventilator and named as CoVent. The famous household appliance manufacturer plans to fill a major order for the new device from the British National Health Service (NHS).

The goal is to be able to install the ventilator next to any hospital bed where it may be needed by a patient suffering from breathing difficulties. For key mechanical functions, the new device makes use of a motor that is identical to those installed in the brand’s vacuum cleaners. The ventilator will be officially made available in British hospitals when it fully meets British health authority specifications.

With hospitals all over the world struggling to cope with enormous numbers of Covid-19 infections, there is a chronic shortage of medical ventilators needed for additional intensive care beds. Dyson has pledged to produce 10,000 of its new CoVent machines for Britain and will thereafter be able to export the device to other countries across the globe.

Dyson is not alone. Given the risk of major loss of life, many industrial manufacturers around the world are participating in initiatives to produce as many ventilators as possible in record time. Automakers are among the key players in the new trend, with such notable US manufacturers as Ford, GM and Tesla all volunteering to contribute to the drive.